Our Vision

 Our Mission

Providing South Sudanese girls a rigorous secondary education for future careers in their community and on the world stage.

Vision Statement

Educating marginalized South Sudanese girls to discover options in life that would, otherwise, be out of their reach; to become global thinkers, problem-solvers, and leaders. 

Our Values

We believe in the empowerment of girls.

We believe all South Sudanese girls deserve to be free to develop their gifts and talents.

We believe in comprehensive, accessible education for all girls.

We believe in taking down (removing) barriers to South Sudanese girls acquiring a high-quality, fully-supported education.

We believe in the future of South Sudan on the world stage.

We believe that an empowered, educated, and motivated population of women will positively impact the economy of South Sudan and empower future generations.

As a volunteer foundation, we believe in the full support of the girls of South Sudan.

100% of Bright Star Girls’ Academy Foundation funds go to the school and the girls of South Sudan.